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Nationality: British

Website: FOREX.com/uk

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 Kathleen Brooks is research director at FOREX.com. Prior to this she was a trading analyst for BP’s finance trading department and a financial features writer at City A.M. She is a graduate of both Trinity College Dublin and Columbia University in New York. 

She has published a book called "Kathleen Brooks on Forex"

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A Novel Approach to Trading

Kathleen Brooks talks of how retail traders can benefit by analysing price only and how one famous trader made millions doing just that

24 Dec, 2010 in Forex

Patience is a Trading Virtue

Kathleen Brooks discusses using fundamental as well as technical analysis as a means to help reduce over-trading and suggests a number of steps in the journey to achieving this.

04 Feb, 2011 in Psychology and Forex

Forex Trading - Getting to Know the Bigger Picture

Kathleen Brooks explores how inter-market analysis can benefit forex traders and includes some of the relationships that are seen between different trading instruments.

15 Apr, 2011 in Forex

Dodging the Macro Curve Balls

Kathleen Brooks takes a look at the recent and different actual results from those that were expected from fundamental analysis on the currency markets and advises on a way forward in the current climate

13 May, 2011 in Forex

Trading in These Directionless Times

Kathleen Brooks discusses ways in which trading Forex can still be profitable when there is no predominant trend

15 Jul, 2011 in Forex

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