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Rande Howell (MEd, LPC) helps traders develop a peak performance state of mind.  He is both a licensed therapist and performance coach whose work is grounded in emotional regulation, mindfulness, and Jungian archetypes applied to trading.  He has a clinical background in training people to master their emotions and to transform self-limiting beliefs into productive mindsets.  Rande's work centers on how to break the fear-based beliefs that imprison a trader’s performance and that block the development of a trader’s potential to achieve financial and personal dreams. By learning how to manage the biology of emotion, real and long lasting changes can then be made to the mind’s core beliefs from which the trader engages the uncertainty, risk, and probability that must be mastered in trading.  He is the author of four books including Mindful Trading: Mastering Your Emotions and the Inner Game of Trading.

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Managing Emotions While Trading

Rande Howell discusses trading psychology and why a trader's thinking often follows their emotions and how Emotional State Management can help in achieving a Peak Performance Trading Mindset

07 Oct, 2010 in Psychology

Beyond Fear: Developing Your Inner Trader

Rande Howell discusses how thoughts, biases and beliefs can lead to ineffective trading and how developing "Mindfulness" can offset the negative aspects that many traders experience.

21 Jan, 2011 in Psychology

The Hidden Agenda that Rules Your Trading Performance

Rande Howell discusses why a traderís perception of money known as a "money narrative" can be a limiting factor in their ability to be consistently successful and suggests ways in which you can assess what this may mean for you

24 Jun, 2011 in Psychology

The Journey of Self-Development

Rande Howell discusses why the mindset that you brought you into trading is not the one that will bring success

20 Jul, 2012 in Psychology

How to Build a Calm Patient Trader Psychology

Rande Howell explains why our response to emotions when trading cause us to act before our ability to think through the logic and what is needed to change this.

07 Jul, 2017 in Psychology

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