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Mustapha Azeez is a professional forex trader, signals strategist, fund manager, researcher and coach with many years trading experience. He started out as a non professional trader but since the year 2007, the approaches used by some great traders such as Ed Seykota, Van K. Tharp, Emilio Tomasini, Wolfgang Kurz, Mike Baghdady as well as others have been key to his development brining the breakthrough needed to become professional. Mustapha coaches new and advanced traders to be able to duplicate his own success which he demonstrates through a forex signals service

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Trend Setter Strategy - A Secret of Fund Managers

Mustapha Azeez explains how a "discretionary" trend based trading approach can yield profits for forex position traders including examples of trading performance

24 Jun, 2010 in Getting Started, Swing & Position Trading, and Forex

The Majority Are Not Always Right

Mustapha Azeez lists some of the commonly held mistaken beliefs and ploys around forex trading and includes what he believes is key to achieving long term success.

05 Nov, 2010 in

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