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Chris Marczak started in the commodity business in 1992 by trading his own accounts. In 1995 he started studying the Easy Language programming language for Trade Station and began applying his knowledge to trading. He developed many successful trading systems, however he started to increase his interest in options. In 2002 he became co-owner of UNISystems Research, a company established for conducting research in option trading, as well as for providing managed accounts services for non-US customers. In 2004 UNISystems Research launched the 3D Vision Option Program and started using option trading concepts, developed by Chris, for managing accounts. As 3D Visionís strategy proved to be successful in various market conditions, in 2005 UNISystems Research Inc. was registered under the laws of New Jersey to continue research in option trading, as well as for offering portfolio management services in the United States. As a result of this process, Chris became registered with the CFTC as an Associated Person and Principal of UNISystems Research Inc. on August 16, 2005. UNISystems Research Inc. became registered with the CFTC as Commodity Trading Advisor as of August 16, 2005 and became a member of NFA on October 12, 2005. Chris is the developer of the DAV (Daily Average Value) and UNIS ODI (Option Deviation Index) market indicators. UNIS Option Deviation Index was published in the March 2005 edition of "Futures" magazine and is being used to determine stock market sentiment by analyzing the ratio of deviations from the stock market index. Chris has given lectures on options and trading at many different conferences. He was a regular guest commentator for Radio WNVR Chicago. His articles on options and trading have been published in many popular and professional magazines.

List of Articles

Projecting Market Range for Options Strategies Using ODI

Chris Marczak discusses using the Option Deviation Index (ODI), along with other technical approaches as a means to project the likely ranges in options markets

17 Jun, 2010 in Options

Why The Option Deviation Index (ODI) Beats Typical Technical Analysis

Chris Marczak gives a detailed explanation as to why options trading can be more profitable when factoring in use of the Option Deviation Index.

11 Mar, 2016 in Technical Analysis and Options

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