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Brendan Egan is a seasoned US equity trader who was trained, in part, by former floor traders at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. Brendan bases his trading decisions by strictly using price action trading techniques (which is only looking at price and volume movements). Realizing that there is a major lack of information about how the market actually works and how professionals trade, Brendan set out and formed which offers video courses and private mentoring to help those wishing to trade like professionals.

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Learning How to Trade vs Trying to Get Rich Quick

Seasoned equities trader Brendan Egan discusses the issues often faced by new traders and why asking the right questions can help on the road to becoming successful

29 Apr, 2010 in Getting Started

5 Steps To Incorporate Price Action Into Your Method

Brendan Egan discusses how "Price Action" can be included into existing trading methodologies and why it is a good representative of how markets actually work

20 May, 2010 in Getting Started

Why You Need To Learn Volume

Brendan Egan explains how using volume analysis can give a key advantage in trading including a recent example of how he uses this in his own trades

22 Jul, 2010 in Technical Analysis

Getting Rid of the Noise in Your Trading

Brendan Egan walks through a scenario that is often faced by day-traders when encountering "noise" in the markets and advises on how to address this when it is encountered.

10 Dec, 2010 in Day Trading & Scalping

Trading When in a Full Time Job

Brendan Egan discusses how beginner traders can engage in trading whilst still working full time and includes 5 ways in which this can be achieved.

01 Apr, 2011 in Getting Started

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