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Ben used to work in the retail motor industry in London but sold the business and was looking for an alternative income activity. He took up trading after hearing adverts on radio and also attended a few coaching sessions but was not able to make use of the training that he had. He found that he had a tendency to over-trade and after visiting New York and seeing how traders on the stock exchange floor were trading, decided that he was best suited to scalping. He joined the Affinity Trading Group and now scalp trades US stocks through specialist order routing systems not available to retail traders and also coaches others to do the same.

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Interview with US Stock Scalp Trader Ben Tippen

US stock market scalp trader Ben Tippen gives an insight into how he trades US stocks for profits of only one to three cents a share per trade and explains how this is a good way to make a living

27 Jan, 2010 in Interviews and Day Trading & Scalping

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