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Sam originally worked in radio as well as the record and film industry including the role of an Executive Producer. He then studied to become a Life Coach and has previously invested in a number of property projects. He is now a full time trader specialising in Stock Index Futures, Grains, Commodities and Forex and teaches this as well as giving presentations

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Perception vs Reality - Value and Price

Sam Evans discusses where the reality in trading is often different from that seen by a trader and how this is evidenced by the actual price as opposed to that of perceived value.

13 Jan, 2010 in Technical Analysis

Maintaining Consistency in Risk

Sam Evans explains for those new to trading, the importance of risk management and includes examples of what may happen if it is not adhered to.

17 Dec, 2010 in Money Management

Forex Trading New Rules Same Game

Sam Evans explains the new rules set by the CFTC for forex trading and the implications for those trading currencies in the US.

28 Oct, 2010 in Forex and Money Management

A Simple Way to Screen Your Currency Pairs

Sam Evans looks at how heatmaps, (which are traditionally used for stock trading), can also be of use to forex traders

09 Dec, 2011 in Forex

Spread Trading 101

Sam Evans discusses spread trading and how it offers lower risk opportunities than conventional directional trading.

20 Mar, 2015 in Technical Analysis

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