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Bill Provenzano is a 20-year veteran trader of the Chicago Board of Trade and the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and an equity owner at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange since 1992. Having made the transition from pit trading to screen trading, Bill understands the struggles that pit traders face in making that conversion. Inspired by a sermon one Sunday morning, Bill created Upside Breakout, a biblically based coaching and mentoring program for traders seeking to raise their trading results to a higher level for a higher purpose.

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Does The Bible Oppose Trading?

Chicago based trader and Christian, Bill Provenzano, discusses why he believes that The Bible does not oppose trading and where references can be found to support this.

15 Nov, 2009 in Psychology

Simplify Your Trading

20 year veteran trader, Bill Provenzano, discusses ways in which trading can be made more simple and includes an example of how he uses this in his own trading.

23 Dec, 2009 in Getting Started and Psychology

Time to Change ?

20 year veteran trader Bill Provenzano discusses why and when traders may need to make changes in their trading psychology and suggests practical ways in which this can be achieved

20 Jan, 2010 in Psychology

All That Glitters Is Not Gold

CME floor trader Bill Provenzano discusses why many traders exhibit the psychology of "Counter Factual" thinking leading to poor trading performance and how this can be addressed to give enhanced trading profits

11 Mar, 2010 in Getting Started and Psychology

Deal or No Deal

Bill Provenzano discusses why our tendency to be either averse to incurring a trading loss or to regret a trading decision can impinge trading success and what can be done to help change this

22 Apr, 2010 in Psychology and Getting Started

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