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Dr. Gary Dayton is a psychologist and holds a doctorate in clinical psychology and a certificate in human performance/sport psychology from Rutgers University. He has been an active trader since 1999 and has traded equities, commodity futures, financial index e-mini futures, options and e-mini S&P futures. He applies Wyckoff, Volume Spread Analysis (VSA) and model-driven swing trading methodologies and is the “resident trading psychology coach” in TradeGuider System’s VSA Club where he conducts both educational webinars and live trading events for Club members. Dr. Dayton, and his company Peak Psychology Inc., help traders overcome the psychological pitfalls unique to trading by the use of the Mindfulness-Acceptance-Commitment (MAC) approach to peak performance, a model of human behavior based on cutting-edge psychological research.

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A Medication for Trading Losses?

Trading psychologist Dr Gary Dayton discusses ways in which to better handle losses through the use of Trading Psychology and why the evidence suggests it is better than taking any form of medication

05 Nov, 2009 in Psychology

Improve Your Trading Every Day

Dr Gary Dayton discusses why keeping a trading journal can be of major benefit to improving trading and includes 7 ways in which this can used in a practical way by aspiring traders

17 Dec, 2009 in Psychology and Getting Started

Andy Murray's Loss and Trading Psychology

Dr Gary Dayton discusses how sports and trading psychology can often be inter-related and gives advice on how to overcome the inability of some traders to enter a trade

04 Feb, 2010 in Psychology

Read the Market Using Price and Volume

Dr Gary Dayton discusses how combining price and volume patterns can be used to better read a market for both intra-day and swing trading.

04 Mar, 2010 in Technical Analysis

A Wyckoff Bar-by-Bar Analysis Example

Dr Gary Dayton discusses an example of a Richard D Wyckoff style of trade and how this can work using multiple time-frames

01 Apr, 2010 in Technical Analysis

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