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Josip Causic is an Options Instructor for Online Trading Academy. Early on in his trading career he realized that market psychology is a major part of trading so he invested heavily in workshops. At first his trading style revolved around the CANSLIM method. Later on after his encounter with former market makers, he merged his retail trading experience with the methods used by floor traders.

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Debit Spreads Vs Credit Spreads

In this article we will examine a specific case of a debit and a credit spread in order to point out that there is virtually very little difference between the two.

16 Mar, 2009 in Futures and Options

Bear Call Gone Bad

In this article we go over three possible outcomes for a Bear Call spread at the expiry. Those scenarios involve the price of the underlying closing within the spread, above the sold call, and below the sold call.

11 May, 2009 in Options

Option Trading & Psychology

There are two types of trading errors: Decision Making Error and Data Error. Some readers have indicated their desire to learn more about it. In this article, I will dive deeper into the topic of option trading and trading psychology.

15 Jun, 2009 in Options and Psychology

Powerful Lesson of a Painful Trade

In this two part article Josip Causic discusses a real life Options trade issue he was asked to advise on including the perception of the trader, broker advice and how he would advise on the best way to manage the trade.

02 Dec, 2009 in Options

Huge Swings in Volatility

Josip Causic uses the CBOE Option Calculator to go through why changes in options pricing are not always aligned to the price of the corresponding stock

09 Sep, 2010 in Options

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