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Steve Ward is a leading trader performance and psychology coach with over 15 years of teaching, training and coaching experience. He provides specialist 1-1 coaching, training and consulting services for traders, including working on recruitment/selection/assessment and trader development and performance enhancement programmes for major trading institutions, banks and trading exchanges across the globe. His work utilises techniques and strategies from sports and performance psychology, cognitive behavioural and performance coaching, and behavioural finance, to help traders to develop the success skills and winning mindset required to achieve their trading goals.  For more information email steve : Training : 7 Week Trade Performance and Psychology Online Programme (details at )

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3 Ways to Flawless Execution and Improved Trading Performance

The two key variables to achieving trading profitability are having a trading strategy with edge. Assuming you have the first then it is the consistency of execution that becomes the key focus.

15 Dec, 2008 in Getting Started and Psychology

Emotions, Decisions and Discipline

Steve Ward discusses the latest neuroscience findings concerning the impact that emotions have on decision making and offers suggestions for how to improve this when trading

27 Apr, 2012 in Psychology

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