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Lance Beggs is a 39 year old full time trader living in the tropical paradise of northern Queensland, Australia. Lance currently trades forex and index CFDs.Lance says "Like all of us I think I've tried just about every strategy and indicator and timeframe over the years, before finally finding what works for me. At the moment I am daytrading the foreign exchange market (forex) (primarily GBP/USD), and index CFDs (primarily FTSE) on the 5 and 2 minute charts. While I expect details of my strategy will be discussed in the blog or articles on this site, essentially it involves a number of setups based around a structure of major and minor support and resistance."Lance has his own company

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Price Analysis - A tops down approach

Analysis of the markets can involve monitoring price action in order to gain an insight into the short term sentiment of the market. Determining who is in control at that time is crucial.

11 Jan, 2009 in Technical Analysis

Three Trading Losses

Three losses in a row are tough. That's about the most consecutive losses that novice traders are psychologically prepared to accept before they feel compelled to take action and 'correct' the situation.

08 Feb, 2009 in Getting Started and Psychology

The Hidden Secrets of Technical Analysis

Did you know that there is a whole 'other world' of technical analysis that most novice traders are either totally ignorant of, or fear to go due to the fact that it might actually require some work?

30 Nov, 2008 in Technical Analysis

Support and Resistance: The Greatest Trading Tool

It's time to stop searching for this holy-grail solution and get down to some good old-fashioned work; and where better to start than with good old fashioned support and resistance.

26 Oct, 2008 in Technical Analysis

Trading Psychology From a 9 Year Old

I was driving in my car the other night with my twin daughters when the conversation somehow turned to what they wanted to do when they grow up.I asked if either were interested in trading, to which Caitlin replied, "But isn't trading just guessing?" That

19 Apr, 2009 in Psychology

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