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As a former stockbroker, brokerage trader, and hedge fund trader, Brandon brings various market views and insight to his classes. A wealth of knowledge, he has held NASD securities series 7 and 63 licenses. An Online Trading Academy graduate himself in 1998, Brandon has been trading his own account since. Brandon taught for Online Trading Academy in 1999 to 2001 before becoming a Realtor and Mortgage broker holding licenses in 15 states. Returning to the Online Trading Academy family late 2005, he now balances trading, teaching and a real estate career.

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Committed to the Markets

Many traders seek out assistance in their trading decisions from technical indicators. However, there is another useful data set that will give clues as to the possible future of the markets. This data is the Commitment of Traders report.

12 May, 2008 in Commodities and Fundamental Analysis

This Fib Can tell the Truth

It always amazes me when I realize how well Fibonacci numbers work. You can use them to measure price retracements and projections for new impulses. In this article we will look at how to use them in trading.

23 Jun, 2008 in Technical Analysis

The Relationship Between Stock Prices and Bond Prices

Brandon Wendell explains why the relationship between stock prices and bonds is not always as simple as many have thought.

30 Sep, 2010 in Money Markets and Equities

I'm a Gann Fan, Part One

In part one of this two part article, Brandon Wendell explains some of the practical applications of Gann Theory which is a style of analysis that looks at patterns and repeatable price action based on time.

01 Jul, 2011 in Technical Analysis

I'm a Gann Fan, Part Two

Brandon Wendell continues his discussion on Gann including intermediate and minor turning points as well as using the Gann Fan to identify potential tradable support and resistance levels

08 Jul, 2011 in Technical Analysis

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