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Stan Freifeld traded options for his own account on the Floor of the American Stock Exchange from 1994-2001. He was a Market Maker for the options on several popular equities including Dupont, Schering Plough, Walgreen's, CBS, U.S. Surgical and Biovail.When he is not trading or thinking about trading, Stan relieves his stress by playing competitive squash, competing in local road rallies with his Ferrari Cabriolet and tutoring local high school students for the SAT's. Stan is a new tutor at Online Trading Academy. The bottom line is that Stan, a long time MENSA member, is an engaging teacher with an extraordinary background in options trading and risk management. He is helpful and patient by nature and equally at ease with all levels of traders, from complete novices to advanced pros and academics. He'll be happy to teach you to trade!

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If You Haven't Traded Options Before: It's Worth Another Look

What accounts for the increase in options volume? While banks and institutions have been using exchange traded options for many years, the general public is beginning to see that options don't have to be risky .

03 Dec, 2007 in Options

The Greeks are Coming

We know there are American options and European options, but what about the "Greeks" and how do they fit into options trading?

03 Mar, 2008 in Options

Option Symbology

Okay, so it probably won't make you rich knowing more about option symbols than 99 percent of the non-professional options traders out there, but it will keep you from making mistakes when dealing with your broker, and in some circles, can make you a hit

14 Apr, 2008 in Options

Getting to Know Volatility

Everyone probably has an intuitive feel what volatility means, for example looking at a chart you can instantly see which stock is more volatile - or can you?

26 May, 2008 in Options

Expiration Cycles

The 3rd Friday of the month, commonly referred to as expiration Friday. Some brokers require this notification before that time if you intend to sell, some as early as 3:30, so be careful!

07 Jul, 2008 in Options

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