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Anna Coulling is a full time currency trader and investor, who specifically helps women to understand the financial markets. All the information on her web site is free. .For further information and details please click on the following link :

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A Day in the Life of a Trader

So you've decided to start work as a trader. But now you've got all day how should you go about structuring your day? What are the important things to look out for and how do you set up a routine?

30 Jul, 2007 in Getting Started

The Parable of Uncle Joe - How the Stock Market Really Works.

Uncle Joe widget factory does good business until a rival company set up in the neighbourhood selling cheaper widgets. Then no-one wants widgets anymore and there is a glut on the market. So what should he do?

15 Oct, 2007 in Psychology and Getting Started

Understanding Equity Options

If you have ever wondered what options are and how to trade them, this article will explain the basics of Equity Options.

19 Apr, 2007 in Equities, Getting Started, and Options

Technical or Fundamental Trading?

Part of the learning process is for you to understand the different types of traders. In essence there are two, and these are a fundamental trader or a technical trader. For you to succeed as an online trader you must understand the differences.

13 Apr, 2009 in Getting Started, Technical Analysis, and Fundamental Analysis

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