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Gabe Velazquez is a professional trader with 14 years of experience. His focus is intra-day and swing trading the ER2 (Russell 2000 e-mini) using technical analysis as his primary tool. Gabe has managed both stocks and futures accounts as well as conducted educational seminars on technical analysis for the past ten years. He is a frequent guest on Biz radio, where he shares his market knowledge and utilization of technical indicators. Gabe also teaches the 5 day E-mini course for Online Trading Academy.

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Fibonacci Tell Few Lies

In this article we take a brief look at how Fibonacci retracement values can be used in respect of the current stockmarket.

26 Mar, 2007 in Equities and Getting Started

The Glass Half Full

The author takes a look at the latest pull-back and why there may be more of the bull market yet to come.

23 Apr, 2007 in Technical Analysis

The Markets Slippery Slope

First, it was Citigroup and then less-than-stellar retail sales numbers for December sent stocks reeling. Translation is the market in for more selling (at least in the early part of the year?)

04 Feb, 2008 in Indices and Technical Analysis

The Rubber Band Effect

The"rubber band effect" is when markets tend to overshoot, similar to a rubber band that's stretched to its extreme and snapped back to its normal tension In mathematics, it's known as reversion to the mean.

02 Feb, 2009 in Technical Analysis

One Picture Doesn't Tell The Whole Story

One of the challenges a new trader faces - amongst many others - is finding the optimal time interval for the candlesticks being plotted on their charts. The trading approach or style one implements will of course, have a big influence.

09 Mar, 2009 in

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