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Ed Ponsi is a globally recognized name as a lecturer and teacher and is the former Chief Trading Instructor for Forex Capital Markets. An experienced professional trader and money manager, Ed has advised hedge funds, institutional traders, and individuals of all levels of skill and experience. He is a regular contributor to TradingMarkets.com, SFO Magazine and FX Street, and is currently writing his first book for Wiley Finance.

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Shorting the Yen: No Need for Yen Bears to Hibernate

Shorting the Japanese Yen has been one of the best and easiest Forex trades over the past six months. But will it continue? In this article Ed Ponsi looks at what is causing this current weakness.

19 Feb, 2007 in Forex and Fundamental Analysis

Is this the Demise of the Carry Trade?

With US and UK interest rates the same, have we seen the demise of the carry trade?

12 Apr, 2007 in Forex and Fundamental Analysis

Using Stocks to Trade Forex

In this article we look at a technique that might seem a little unusual the use of intra-market relationships and correlations to create trading opportunities in the Forex market.

19 Jan, 2009 in Forex and Technical Analysis

Using Intermarket Analysis to Trade Forex

I sometimes use cross-market analysis to find Forex trades. If you think that sounds complicated, then read this article and you'll see that it's easier than it sounds.

22 Jun, 2009 in Forex

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