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David Thorpe writes articles for http://www.passion-trading.munbuns.com This site is dedicated to bringing its visitors free resources that will allow them to develop their learning and better manage their own money in the financial market.Born in Somerset, England in 1982 he began his independent trading career at the age of 20. David now has four years of experience with foreign exchange and stock market trading. All of the knowledge he has gained has been down to his research and daily experiences with the market. Mr.Thorpe can be contacted at ptsupport@munbuns.com

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The Market Holy Grail: Fact or Fiction

Is there actually a trading 'holy grail', or it is a combination of our own hard work and experience?

13 Nov, 2006 in Getting Started

Technical Analysis: What you need to know before you start charting

This is a very basic look at technical analysis for all newbie traders out there. It looks at what technical analysis is, how to go about implementing it and what it can do for you.

09 Jul, 2007 in Technical Analysis and Getting Started

The Stock Market: A Beginners Guide

Here we take a basic look at what the stock market is and how it works.

08 Jan, 2007 in Getting Started

An Introduction to Swing Trading

A newbie guide to the basics principles of swing trading and how to trade using it for entry and exit points.

06 Aug, 2007 in Swing & Position Trading and Getting Started

History of the Forex Markets

In this article we look back at how the forex market started and how it has evolved over the years.

16 Apr, 2007 in Forex and Getting Started

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