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Dima Vonko is the founder and CEO of Alyuda Research, the company that develops Tradecision trading software (www.tradecision.com) for advanced technical analysis as well as scientific software for data analysis. He invented and designed almost all of the company’s products. Mr. Vonko also serves on the Board of Directors of Scorto Corporation, delivering innovative software for banks and large financial institutions. The published article is based on his more than four years’ experience in providing consulting services, related to technical analysis, use of neural networks, financial forecasting and modeling. Mr. Vonko can be reached at dima.vonko@tradecision.com.

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Creating a Trading System

In this article the author looks at the significant factors that need to be considered when looking to create a trading system.

16 Oct, 2006 in Trading Systems and Technical Analysis

Neural-networks: Myths and Realities

In this article the author looks at the the myths and realities behind neural networks.

18 Dec, 2006 in Technical Analysis and Trading Systems

Taking The Magic Out Of Fibonacci Numbers

Dima Vonko explains how Fibonacci studies may influence a market situation by the way in which they can influence traders.

10 Apr, 2015 in Technical Analysis

Neural Networks:- Forecasting Profits

Dima Vonko appraises the use of neural networks for trading including what they can and cannot do and how best to use them.

03 Jul, 2015 in Technical Analysis

Fundamental Analysis For Traders

Dima Vonko shows how Fundamental Analysis can be used to improve the decisions made by investors and traders who rely on a more long term technical approach.

11 Sep, 2015 in Fundamental Analysis

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