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Rob is a foreign currency trader. He also trains traders around the world to be more disciplined and profitable. He has worked with traders on every continent that sustains life in any meaningful way.Rob 'practiced' law, printed t-shirts, sold magazines, taught Italian, recruited CPAs, started an advertising firm, ran an e-commerce company and roofed houses before he realized that he was better at getting jobs than he was at staying with them. Okay, since we're all talking in the third person, I'll let you also know that Rob was fired from every job he ever got. Consumed with the question of why he was working at jobs that he didn't like -- and how to move past those jobs into a career that brought him true happiness -- and the ability to play video games, watch movies, and chat with people around the world while attempting to build an empire of wealth beyond any mortal's ability to imagine, Rob talked to people across the country and around the world. When he met a group of successful foreign exchange traders, he learned everything he could, until he started a full-time career trading currency.Rob now maintains a foreign currency advisory practice close to home. He has been called the "Motley Fool of Foreign Exchange" and the "Prime Minister of Pips". His columns are read by over 3,000 people each day.He lives in Wheeling, West Virginia, with his wife Kristine.

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The Woodchuck and the Possum

A cautionary tale of why most people lose money in the forex market.

28 Sep, 2006 in Psychology and Forex

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