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Garrett Jones is president of Montgomery Investments, Inc. and is a partner with Peter Eliades in Stockmarket Cycles Management, Inc.  He is also affiliated with Hillier Capital Management. He initially entered the industry as one of only ten people annually accepted on a worldwide basis for Merrill Lynch’s prestigious JET program in 1970.  He has been instrumental in building up three successful money management firms during his career.  Mr. Jones began buying gold stocks for clients when gold was selling at $35/oz. and sold near the highs in late 1974.  In 1978, he became vice president with Guild Investment Management, Inc. -- one of the first money management firms in the US to specialize in international asset allocation – including gold, currencies and foreign markets, in addition to the US markets.   While with Guild, he again caught the move in gold and currencies and was instrumental in selling gold at $864/oz. on the precise day of the all time high.During the 1980s, Mr. Jones formed Evans & Jones with Don Evans and was a pioneer firm in market timing utilizing mutual fund switching.  In 1990, Mr. Jones assisted in the founding of FX 500, Ltd., a firm utilizing S&P 500 futures contracts as an investment and hedging vehicle.  In a matter of a few years, FX 500 Ltd. became the largest domestic firm trading exclusively in S&P 500 futures contracts – trading as many as 4,000 contracts per trade when the full size contract was $500 per point.Mr. Jones developed a proprietary trading system that received national recognition in the US Trading Championship with a return of 98.6% for the 4th quarter competition in 1989.  He found the system to be highly effective in the currency and precious metals markets. He is recognized as an expert in Long Wave Economic cycle analysis and has been a featured speaker at a number of international monetary conferences both domestically and abroad.  His knowledge of the cycle in conjunction with his system allowed him to accurately forecast the market top in 2000. He has written numerous articles for domestic and international financial publications and is in the process of writing a book on the Long Wave economic cycle.

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What's Going On with the Stock-market?

Are we heading for a crash? Or is this just a correction after a long bull market? This article looks at the evidence

20 Jul, 2006 in Indices, Equities, and Technical Analysis

A Clean Slate

In this timely article we take a look at the performers of 2006 and what 2007 might hold in store for us.

04 Jan, 2007 in Technical Analysis and Indices

Market Top?

Many traders have speculated that the recent rally in the S&P500 and Dow Jones Industrial Average is not sustainable. Garrett Jones explains why he believes that we are now at the top of the market.

29 Oct, 2009 in Technical Analysis and Indices

Irrational Exuberance or Cautious Optimism

Garrett Jones discusses why he believes we are still in a secular bear market and at a critical point of high risk in a review of the Dow and S&P500 covering both technical and fundamental reasons.

25 Nov, 2009 in Technical Analysis and Indices

High Risk for US Markets at the Current Level?

Market Cycle and Technical Analyst Garrett Jones discusses why he believes that the US Markets are now at levels presenting significant trading risk

25 Mar, 2010 in Technical Analysis and Indices

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