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Greg is the Mangaging Director of Fat Prophets UK. He qualified as a Chartered Accountant and has a broad experience of financial markets having consulted widely in the banking and finance industry in the UK. He also has fifteen years experience as an active private investor where he first began to apply fundamental analysis.During his career, Greg was employed as an aduitor by KPMG in New Zealand and before joining Fat Prophets, he worked at Mellon Global Investments in London.For a complimentary Investment report from Fat Prophets Click here

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Oil - Still Compelling

The author examines why the current price of oil may still go higher.

29 Jun, 2006 in Commodities and Fundamental Analysis

The Telecommunications Sector

Once the darling of the FTSE the telecommunications sector has seen a battering over the last year. So is this due to continue or is the worst over?

03 Aug, 2006 in Equities and Fundamental Analysis

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