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Mike Parnos has "been there and done that" plenty! Known as "OTA's Options Therapist," Mike has been trading, consulting and teaching option strategies for over 12 years. Both individually, and through his writings, Mike specializes in teaching conservative and non-directional option strategies while providing therapeutic guidance to thousands of individuals, brokers and institutional traders. Over the years, he has learned from his mistakes, and the mistakes of others, and he's here to share his wisdom with you. "Trading is as much psychological as it is skill," says Mike. "Keep an open mind. You never know what might find its way in there."

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Covered Calls - Part 1

The first part of a two part look at Options and Covered Call Writing.

20 Jun, 2006 in Options

Covered Calls - Part 2 - The Final Frontier

This is the second part of the article on Covered Call Writing.

03 Jul, 2006 in Options

Volatility is a Part of Life - Deal with it!

In this article the author examines how volatility affects the options trader and what strategies can be best employed to deal with it to your advantage.

16 Jul, 2007 in Options

Real Options Trading - The Adventure Begins

Following his earlier two part article on Options Trading, the author now gives an example of a recent real trade.

07 Sep, 2006 in Options

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