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Steve Palmquist is a trader with more than twenty five years of market experience who puts his own money to work in the market every day. He has pioneered the development of Market Adaptive Trading techniques, in which specific trading tools are developed for different market conditions. Steve has shared a variety of trading systems along with illustrating how they were designed, tested, and analyzed, at seminars across the U.S. He has presented trading techniques at the Traders Expo, and at the annual AIQ Tahoe seminars; and published trading articles in ‘Stocks & Commodities’, ‘Traders Journal’, ‘The Opening Bell’, and ‘Working Money’. 

Steve is the author of Money-Making Candlestick Patterns, Backtested for Proven Results in which he analyzes the performance of popular candlestick patterns in different market conditions and shows specific techniques for significantly improving trading results.  Steve’s techniques for ETF trading were featured in the book, ‘ETF Trading Strategies Revealed’. Steve’s second book, ‘How to Take Money from the Markets’ covers the design and testing six complete trading systems that Steve uses frequently.

Steve is the founder of which provides trading tips and techniques; and the publisher of the ‘Timely Trades Letter’ in which he shares his market analysis, trading setups, and trading tips twice a week.  If you would like to see a sample of his current market outlook and the trading setups he is currently watching send a request to

Steve holds a BSEE from Washington State University, and a Masters in Electrical Engineering from the University of Illinois. He has been involved in the management and development of communications systems, high speed computers, test equipment, infrared vision systems, and color printers at companies such as Bell Laboratories, Integrated Measurement Systems, FLIR Systems, and Tektronix. He holds ten US patents. Steve is a father of four, and has a private pilot license with an instrument rating.

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Steve Palmquist Interview

Steve gives us an insight into the methods he uses when trading and what a typical trading day is like for him.

08 May, 2006 in Interviews

The Stochastic Indicator: When it Works, When it Doesn’t & Why

Steve Palmquist explains in detail the trading conditions when Stochastics will and won't work including examples of each

11 May, 2012 in Technical Analysis

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