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Jerry Olson is the managing partner of the JOG Group LLC a Philadelphia based trading company. He began his trading/investing career 30 years ago. He is now a scalper daytrader hosting his own virtual real time trading room on for the last 10 years. He has been published in Barrons Market Watch section 13 times over the last 3 years, and interviewed in Active Trader Magazine twice in 2000 & 2001. He teaches an Online Trading Seminar for new traders, and offers his services to anyone on a free trial basis. He publishes a weekly Sunday newsletter named The Jerry Olson "Point of View" with market direction timing and a list of 20 stocks to trade using candlesticks in conjunction with Point & Figure charting, offers daily pre market updates to all his clients via e-mail, and entrance to his real time room all in one neat package.There are 150 world wide traders in his room on a daily basis, and Jerry calls all his trades, Entries, Stops, & Exits live as they happen intraday!Jerry's trading style is in hi beta NASDAQ stocks using the best trading platform anywhere, the Laser Platform from Genesis Securities. If you are interested in trying Jerry's Room please e-mail

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Demons on our Shoulders

Thinking about becoming a day trader - read this article first!

11 Apr, 2006 in Getting Started, Day Trading & Scalping, and Psychology

Redundant Repeatable Chart Patterns

Jerry gives us another of his humourous, educated article on chart patterns using the CCI.

15 May, 2006 in Technical Analysis and Day Trading & Scalping

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