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Giorgos Siligardos holds a PhD in Mathematics and a Market Maker certificate from the Athens Exchange. He is a financial software developer, coauthor of two academic books in finance and scientific contributor in the Department of Finance and Insurance at the Technological Institute of Crete. Material from his course writings on derivatives have been used in educational enchiridia for bank managers.

His academic website is and he may be reached at

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Range Breakouts and Trading Tactics

This article reviews the classic breakout strategy and discuss the Habit Force hidden behind the false breakouts.

23 Jan, 2006 in Technical Analysis

Advanced Trade Management

In this article we take a more detailed look at more advanced money and trade management strategies.

23 Oct, 2006 in Money Management

What the End of 2007 Showed

The end of 2007 was characterized by extreme values in various indicators of stock market analysis, but what do they reveal and do they imply bullish or bearish projections for 2008.

28 Jan, 2008 in Fundamental Analysis and Swing & Position Trading

Interest Rates and the Stock Market: The Current State

The current status of interest rates sends some important messages to the stock market investors. This article aims at reading and decoding these messages.

21 Apr, 2008 in Equities and Money Markets

Virtual Options Trading

Virtual Trading (VT) is a general term referring to hypothetical trades made by a trader for either practicing or for evaluation of his/her methodology. So how can VT help you with your trading account?

14 Jul, 2008 in Options

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