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Purely an amateur and part-time trader Jon has played the market for over thirty years and more actively since he retired five years ago. He uses the swing technique he describes in his article to keep it simple because he knows he does not have the skill and expertise to challenge professional traders on their own ground. Jon has been a member of T2W since May 2003.

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Simple Swing Trading

A straightforward discussion of swing trading by a practitioner.

19 Dec, 2005 in Swing & Position Trading and Getting Started

Our Jack

Jack is a trader, but not the cool, calm, collected sort of trader you would think. Yet he stills manages to be profitable by tailoring a trading strategy to suit his mindset. Here we take a look at how to do this.

09 Nov, 2006 in Psychology and Getting Started

An Alternative to Stop-Loss

Seasoned trader John Barnard (Barjon) has broken the cardinal rule of not using a stop-loss and explains an alternative approach including example trades.

31 Dec, 2010 in Money Management

Our Jack & Technical Analysis

Jon Barnard (Barjon) discusses the much argued topic about whether technical analysis (TA) works or not

30 Mar, 2012 in Technical Analysis

Member Profile: Barjon

Jon Barnard (Barjon) talks through his 40 year experience of trading and how different today is to that of when he first started

10 Jan, 2014 in Interviews

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