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Noble DraKoln is an author and trader and is the founder ofSpeculatorAcademywhich he set up to help his brokerage clients stop losing money in the markets. Through Wiley Trading he has written six books which include:

Trade Like a Pro: 15 High-Profit Trading Strategies

Forex for Small Speculators

Single Stock Futures for Small Speculators

Winning the Trading Game: Why 95% of Traders Lose and What You Must Do To Win

Futures for Small Speculators: Companion Guide

Futures for Small Speculators, and its German translation, Futures fuer Kleinanleger

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Sun Tzu and Trading

The book 'The Art of War' by Sun Tzu may seem to have little to do with trading on the face of it, however dig a little deeper and some striking parallels can be seen.

04 Jun, 2007 in Psychology and Money Management

Get into Low Cost Futures Trading with Synthetics

Noble Drakoln discusses an alternative way to trade futures at lower cost than the traditional approach.

30 Oct, 2015 in Futures

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