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Jea Yu is a co-founder of , an interactive active trader chatroom and training site that has served over 8,000 traders, fund managers and investors worldwide since 1998. His brainchild was voted Forbes Best of the Web for four consecutive years under the active trader category. Mr. Yu has published two best sellers through McGraw Hill " Guide to Electronic Trading" ,2001 and "Secrets of the Undergroundtrader",2003 as well as two popular trading videos titled "Level 2 Warfare" and "Beating the Bear" published through Traders Library. He has been a featured speaker all over the country at various expos and seminars who enjoys a standing-room-only reception in the largest convention halls. Jayís energetic presentation style, along with his obvious mastery of the materials being covered makes him an audience favorite. He has been quoted in USA Today, WallStreet Journal, and the Financial Times. Mr. Yu is an active contributing writer for

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Trading on Borrowed Time - Part 1

Any trader, including you, could at some point find yourself in a proverbial minefield with huge intra day losses. In a fit of desperation, you put on crazy Hail Mary trades with double, triple, and quadruple the normal size just looking for that miracle.

08 Sep, 2008 in Getting Started and Psychology

Trading on Borrowed Time - Part 2

Part 2 of last weeks article. Most day traders are going to blow out their accounts, they just donít know it yet. The same applies to almost every new trader entering the game. This is what traders donít realize until itís too late.

15 Sep, 2008 in Getting Started and Psychology

How NOT to Blow your Day-Trading Account

Proper trading means pacing your flow with the market. When the market is running fast out of the gate, so should you. When the market slows to a crawl, so should you.

16 Feb, 2009 in Getting Started, Day Trading & Scalping, and Psychology

5 Must Watch Films and Documentaries for Day Traders

Jea Yu suggests five films that day-traders should find of interest and of use.

23 Feb, 2018 in Day Trading & Scalping

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