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Vadym Graifer, author of Techniques of Tape Reading (McGraw Hill 2003) and How to Scalp Any Market (2004), is a featured speaker at International Trader's Expos and Financial Forum Conferences. He is the managing partner of, a hands-on training company, working with a global community of individuals to achieve high levels of trading success. Vad is a professional trader and an international private trading mentor for He has also published articles and interviews in industry magazines, corporate product newsletters and trading forums.

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Paper Trading: Waste of Time or Valid Learning Method?

Paper trading can be either valuable or worthless, depending on your approach.

19 Sep, 2005 in Psychology, Day Trading & Scalping, and Swing & Position Trading

Why Don't We Keep Stops?

Stops are great things, but only if they are used as part of making good trades.

19 Nov, 2012 in Money Management and Psychology

Is the Market a Battlefield for You?

Vadym Graifer offers an alternative to the often perceived view that the market is nothing more than a battlefield

18 May, 2012 in Psychology

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