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Richard Lee is a Currency Strategist at Forex Capital Markets.  Employing both fundamental models and technical analysis applications, Richard contributes regularly to DailyFX, Yahoo Finance and Comtex.  Prior to joining the research team, Richard was one of the senior instructors for the FX Power Course, teaching thousands of traders the basics of currency trading, technical analysis and how to implement trading strategies.  He has extensive experience in trading the spot currency markets, options and futures.  Richard previously traded FX, equity and equity derivatives for four years as well as work for a private equity consortium before joining FXCM.  He holds a BA in Economics as well

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The Current Account Balance

An introduction to the current account balance and its importance.

03 Oct, 2005 in Fundamental Analysis

An Introduction to Ichimoku Charts in Forex Trading

Richard Lee describes the component parts of Ichimoku charts and how they can be used for improved forex trading decisions.

01 Apr, 2016 in Forex and Technical Analysis

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