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Jay Lakhani is a professional trader and has been involved with the markets since his early twenties. He is also the author of a book entitled: ‘Forex Mastery a Child’s Play’ which is a 307 page paperback outlining simple trading strategies and focuses on trader psychology. Jay also runs a live trading room, where traders are able to watch over his shoulders and see what he is trading.

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Falling Wedge

In this video tutorial, the author looks at how to spot a falling wedge and how to trade it successfully.

04 Dec, 2006 in Forex and Technical Analysis

Trader Self Sabotage

Have you gone out of your way NOT to take care of your Trading results? Why would some traders deliberately hamper their success – make trading decisions that are doomed to fail?

01 Feb, 2007 in Psychology and Getting Started

UK Housing Boom - Is the Party Over?

Recently the IMF said that the UK’s property was overvalued and this could result in a spectacular slump. The “time bomb” is ticking and could explode at any time...

21 Jan, 2008 in Fundamental Analysis

What Next for U.K. House Prices?

Jay Lakhani explains why the recent UK housing market price boom may not be sustainable in the longer term.

16 Oct, 2013 in Fundamental Analysis

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