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Dr Mike Elvin has been an active trader since 1996 and is author of “Financial Risk Taking – An Introduction to the Psychology of Trading and Behavioural Finance” pub. Wiley .As a Psychologist and Trader, he has experienced the hard lessons at the home trader’s keyboard with the professional background to analyse them. He introduced the phrase “Paramouncy Principle” to the language of trading and investment psychology, and has developed eight Standards and Criteria to assist the trader to achieve trading competence and mastery. He has presented seminars in the UK and in the USA, and is an accredited teacher of the Mastery Group International. His articles have appeared in Stocks, Futures, and Options magazine and he will be publishing with other quality magazines in 2005/6. Above all, he has made the scientific research in Cognitive Psychology understandable and relevant to trading and investment, and demonstrates that scientific psychology is about people.

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The Paramouncy Principle

Understanding yourself is as vital as understanding the markets. Why is it that 90 percent of traders who trade the markets fulltime fail to earn an adequate return even when using systems claiming 70 percent accuracy?

02 Mar, 2005 in Psychology

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