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Carley Garner is the Senior Analyst at DeCarley Trading LLC where she also works as a broker.† Her book, "Commodity Options" published by FT Press will be on shelves in January 2009. Visit for your free subscription to Carley's e-newsletters and for details on the services she provides.† Carly is a Magna Cum Laude graduate of the University of Nevada Las Vegas, from which she earned dual bachelorís degrees in both Finance and Accounting.Carley jumped into the options and futures industry with both feet and has become one of the most recognized names in the business.† Within months in the industry, she had published her first article in a nationally distributed periodical and hasnít slowed down since.† She has been featured in the likes of Stocks and Commodities, Futures, Active Trader, Option Trader, Your Trading Edge, and Pitnews Magazine.† Carley is often interviewed by news services such as Reuters and Dow Jones Newswire, and has been quoted by the Investorís Business Daily and the Wall Street Journal.† She has also been known to participate in Radio interviews.†

List of Articles

Playing the odds: Options Trading with the 'House' Advantage

Carley explains how options strategies can make you the 'House' instead of the gambler.

18 Jan, 2005 in Options

The Cash C.O.W. (Conservative Option Writing)

Options writing can be a very lucrative strategy for the disciplined trader.

24 May, 2005 in Options

Measuring Correlation Between FX Pairs

This article looks at different FX pairs and how their historical correlation can be measured.

18 May, 2006 in Forex

Diversification Within An FX Trading Account

A brief look at the different ways in which an FX trader can diversify within their account.

15 Feb, 2007 in Forex

It All Makes Cents

One of the most frustrating aspects of trading commodities is getting comfortable with how each contract is quoted, what the point value or multiplier of each contract is and most importantly how to calculate the profit, loss and risk of a trade.

25 Aug, 2008 in Commodities and Futures

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