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Alan is a Stockmarket Trader, Coach and Mentor and was previously a US markets trading instructor in the city as well as a regular contributor on CNBC Europe. Alan has also appeared on the BBC, Financial Times and Wall St Journal Europe. He has lectured on Trading and the Stock Market at Guilford University and at many large trading shows both in the UK and internationally.

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Interview with Stock Trader Alan Rich

US stock trader Alan Rich (Naz) discusses his approach to both day and swing trading of US stocks, how his career has progressed and why he has a preference for trading US stocks using Direct Market Access (DMA)

18 Nov, 2009 in Interviews, Day Trading & Scalping, and Swing & Position Trading

Trading with Fibonacci

Alan explains how a twelfth century Italian mathematician could help you profit in the modern markets.

13 Jan, 2005 in Technical Analysis

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