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John Bartlett specialises in teaching beginners trading using spreadbetting and forex, he regularly runs workshops in conjunction with clickevents and finspreads. Throughout the UKHe has produced inexpensive courses on CD’s and designed the "Tornado Trend Trading System" for Forex beginners – Outspoken on industry rip off merchants, he believes that new traders should be cautious about spending hard earned cash, before they fully understand the risks involved.

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John Bartlett Interview

John Bartlett, through this interview, provides new traders an excellent direction as they pursue their own development.

11 Apr, 2003 in Interviews

Before you start, have you got what it takes?

Each new trader needs to ask a number of questions of her/himself, and answer them honestly before taking on the serious task of trading.

17 May, 2005 in Getting Started and Psychology

Staying In the Trading Game My Trading Rules

If you are new to trading then having some rules may help and John Bartlett has 42 of them that he has found contribute to successful trading

08 Jun, 2012 in Getting Started

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