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Mark Williams (better known as FTSE Beater), is a veteran T2W member as well as a site moderator. He has been trading since the age of 14 and is a strong believer in helping new traders. His popular and active thread for beginners, ‘The Basics of Trading’ has been running for more than two years and had over 30,000 visits. He has a background in business studies, economics and accountancy and has traded full-time as well as worked for an accounting firm in London.

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The Basics of Trading:Part 2

Part 2 of Mark's popular guide to getting started in trading.

20 Jan, 2005 in Getting Started, Technical Analysis, and Psychology

Basics of Trading: Part 1

Long-standing member and site moderator Mark Williams (FTSE Beater) runs through the the main areas you will need to master to succeed at trading.

24 Dec, 2004 in Getting Started, Technical Analysis, and Money Management

Mark Williams Interview

Veteran member of T2W and site moderator, Mark Williams talks about the past, present and future of his trading career in this exclusive T2W interview

05 Nov, 2003 in Interviews

Basics of Trading: Part 3

The final article of Mark's popular series outlines a basic trading strategy.

04 Feb, 2005 in Getting Started and Technical Analysis

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