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Tim qualified as an accountant in 1997 and has worked for various companies, including†finance director for a medium sized firm. He†has bought and sold shares and has had a fascination with the stock market since the privatisations in the 1980ís.† When the company he worked for was sold in 2001 he decided to spend more time pursuing his interest in trading.With an accountancy background Tim is more naturally drawn to systematic trading.† However, beginning with spreadbetting on shares and indices he found he was unable to accurately and profitably model the markets on an intra day basis.† Moving to online futures trading meant being able to use the actual market data to develop trading systems and direct access to the markets meant that complete systems could be automatically traded via API.Tim now develops and trades futures systems on a full time basis, constantly refining and adding new systems to his portfolio.††He also hosts a website which provides information and resources to assist traders to develop their own systems:† www.online-futurestrading.com

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Developing a Trading Strategy

Tim explains the various stages of the creation of a trading strategy with reference to an intra-day system for trading the Dow index.

24 Dec, 2004 in Day Trading & Scalping and Technical Analysis

Developing a Trading Strategy Part 2

The second part of Tim's popular guide to creating a trading strategy.

11 Jan, 2005 in Day Trading & Scalping, Money Management, and Trading Systems

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