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Richard Joyson (Mr. Charts) made the much dreamed of transition from day job to intra day trader of US shares when he gave up his full time profession nearly 10 years ago.  He  combines trading with personal coaching and mentoring, aiming to pass on to his students the same methods, techniques and patterns he uses in his own trading.He posts about his techniques regularly on T2W and has lectured on training CDs and seminars at the Millennium Centre and the Bloomberg Centre in the City of London. He is also owner of nasdaq-nyse-trading-school where he provides educational articles, answers questions and provides live educational trading alerts to members

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Why trade US shares

If you're looking for a market that offers convenient trading opportunities to the private intra-day trader, you should consider Nasdaq shares, argues Richard Joyson.

24 Dec, 2004 in Equities and Day Trading & Scalping

Anatomy of a Trade

A quiet market doesn't necessarily mean a quiet day's trading, as is illustrated by this post-Christmas trade.

07 Jan, 2005 in Equities, Technical Analysis, and Day Trading & Scalping

Anatomy of a Trade, Part 2

Mr. Charts walks us through another trade.

20 Oct, 2005 in Equities, Technical Analysis, and Day Trading & Scalping

An Example of Tape Reading

In this short video, Richard shows a live example of a scalping trade and how to read the screen.

26 Oct, 2006 in Technical Analysis

Interview with Stock Trader Richard Joyson (Mr Charts)

US stock trader, coach and mentor Richard Joyson, (Mr Charts) discusses what it takes to become a successful day-trader and how his own journey developed from part time to full time trading.

18 Feb, 2010 in Interviews and Equities

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