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GammaJammer, besides being a regular contributor to T2W, is a sixteen year industry veteran with wide ranging experience at a variety of tier 1 trading firms. He has worked as an interbank spot FX market maker, institutional currency trader, broker /dealer and even in his early days had a short stint as a LIFFE pit trader. He is currently head of Spot FX trading for a small institution in London.

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FX Market Participants

A T2W member with 10 years experience as an institutional fx trader explains who does what in the world's biggest market.

24 Dec, 2004 in Forex

A Day in the Life of a FX Spot Desk Trader (Part 1)

FX Spot Desk Trader "GammaJammer" talks through what life is like on a typical morning trading the currency markets in the first of this series of specialist articles.

08 Apr, 2010 in Forex

A Day in the Life of a FX Spot Desk Trader (Part 2)

Continuing on from last week where FX Spot Desk Trader "GammaJammer" talked through the morning events, it is now early afternoon and Non-Farm Payroll release is looming.....

15 Apr, 2010 in Forex

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