An Introduction To Dark Pools

Elvis Picardo - Elvis Picardo discusses “Dark Pools” including their rationale, why they are used, the types found as well as the pros and cons of using them.

Trade By Design Not Default

Dr. M. Woodruff Johnson - Dr Woody Johnson discusses "negative default patterns" which can result in driving counter productive physiological and behavioral responses to trading scenarios and how to address them

Inside the Successful Trader

Razi Hammouda - Razi Hammouda discusses how the "Art of War" strategy of Sun Tzu can also be applied to attaining trading success

Member Profile: dentist007

dentist007 - T2W member dentist007 talks through his trading experience and passes along tips he has found useful for successful trading

Why Back Testing is Better than Forward Testing

Jay Ng - Jay Ng gives advice on how to use backtesting as part of developing a profitable trading strategy

Who is the Fattest Kid on our Forex Market Playground?

Rick Wright - Rick Wright explains how the "Relative Strength" between currencies can be used to select which pair to trade

Life Investments: Lessons from the Laboratory

Lee Bohl - Lee Bohl explains how past experiences and training can influence how we approach trading and advises on key areas to consider to improve profitability

Logic: The Antidote To Emotional Investing

Dr Brian Bloch - Dr Brian Bloch discusses how "emotional contagion" can adversely affect investment and trading decisions and ways in which this can be addressed.

Member Profile: VielGeld

VielGeld - VielGeld shares his personal journey in trading, talking about the need to persevere through painful mistakes and offering his top tips for aspiring traders.

Rollover Redux

Gabe Velazquez - Gabe Velazquez explains the often misunderstood quarterly rollover occurrence for those wishing to trade futures contracts
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