Predictive Indicators

John Ehlers - John Ehlers explains with examples why common technical indicators distort market interpretation and offers an alternative way to address this.

A Simple Trading System

Markus Heitkoetter - This article takes one through creating and evaluating a simple index trading system.

Price / Earnings Hybrid Strategy

Grant Macdonald - An investment strategy that combines a fundamental approach with a simple technical filter.

Is Trading Gambling?

Sam Seiden - Sam Seiden talks through the much discussed issue of whether trading is gambling and why it may be different depending on what type of trader you are.

Simple Swing Trading

Barjon - A straightforward discussion of swing trading by a practitioner.

Paper Trading: Waste of Time or Valid Learning Method?

Vadym Graifer - Paper trading can be either valuable or worthless, depending on your approach.

Trading Arcades

Martin Duncanson - Everything you ever wanted to know about Trading Arcades.

Swing Trading: Rules and Philosophy

Linda Bradford Raschke - LBR outlines the "Taylor Trading Technique", the basis of her own trading. The “Taylor Trading Technique” is a short-term method for trading daily price movements that relies entirely on odds and percentages. It is a method as opposed to a system.

Top Ten Tips for Traders

Malcolm Pryor - In order to be a successful trader – and not fall into the trap of so many – it is important to take good advice and remember that, sometimes, others do know best! Here are the Top 10 tips for successful trading. Follow them closely (or at least to an ext

The High Close Doji Trigger

John Person - High Close Doji Trigger: A Powerful Trading Combination using Pivot Points and Candle Chart Patterns
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