Simple Swing Trading

Barjon - A straightforward discussion of swing trading by a practitioner.

Art of War - Can it be Applied to Trading?

Ted Kwek - Ted Kwek explores how "Sun Tzu and the Art of War" can be applicable to trading

Understanding Liquidity and Market Pullbacks

Peter Davies - Peter Davies explains how market pullbacks are strongly correlated to liquidity and uses examples to show how an understanding of this can present trading opportunities

Trading Systems - A Complex World with Simple Answers

Sam Seiden - One of the many recipients of faster and stronger technology is system trading. In the world of professional money management, I have seen plenty of trading systems, most don't seem to work and of the ones that do, they typically work for a bit and then f

Creating a Trading System

Dima Vonko - In this article the author looks at the significant factors that need to be considered when looking to create a trading system.

Paper Trading: Waste of Time or Valid Learning Method?

Vadym Graifer - Paper trading can be either valuable or worthless, depending on your approach.

Trading Arcades

Martin Duncanson - Everything you ever wanted to know about Trading Arcades.

Trade “Futures” not “Histories”

Joe Ross - A discussion of the value and viability of trading system testing.

What Is A Hedge?

Andrew Beattie - Andrew Beattie explains the basics of hedging in this often misunderstood area of trading strategy

Swing Trading: Rules and Philosophy

Linda Bradford Raschke - LBR outlines the "Taylor Trading Technique", the basis of her own trading. The “Taylor Trading Technique” is a short-term method for trading daily price movements that relies entirely on odds and percentages. It is a method as opposed to a system.
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