Swing Stops

Brandon Wendell - Brandon Wendell gives straight forward advice on where to place stops when swing trading

Art of War - Can it be Applied to Trading?

Ted Kwek - Ted Kwek explores how "Sun Tzu and the Art of War" can be applicable to trading

Spread Trading The Alternative Trading Strategy

Jay Richards - Jay Richards explains how spread trading can offset the often volatile and erratic nature of outright positions and ways in which it can be used to profitable effect

What Is A Hedge?

Andrew Beattie - Andrew Beattie explains the basics of hedging in this often misunderstood area of trading strategy

Where Traders Go Wrong: 5 Reasons Why Traders Fail

Bennett McDowell - Bennett McDowell discusses 5 reasons why traders may lack success and offers ways in which these can be addressed

The Two Hour Trader

Sam Seiden - Sam Seiden discusses how supply and demand levels are often not the same for institutional traders as those of retail traders and how trading the open can often be the right thing to do

Understanding Liquidity and Market Pullbacks

Peter Davies - Peter Davies explains how market pullbacks are strongly correlated to liquidity and uses examples to show how an understanding of this can present trading opportunities

5 Rules For Picking Great Day Trade Entries

Cory Mitchell - Cory Mitchell offers five ways in which to improve day-trading success with examples of how this can be achieved

Why Traders Lose Their Discipline

Brett Steenbarger - Brett Steenbarger explains why it is that a "lack of discipline" is not the only cause of a losing run and that there are several other and equally important factors to consider.

Five Characteristics of a Successful Trader

Michael Patak - Michael Patak gives advice on five areas for development to becoming a consistently profitable trader
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