Trading As A Business

Barjon - T2W member Jon Barnard (Barjon) gives useful advice on how to ensure that your trading is managed as a business.

Introduction To Swing Trading

Jason Van Bergen - Jason Van Bergen shows why beginning traders may be better starting with swing trading as opposed to intra-day trading

Predictive Indicators

John Ehlers - John Ehlers explains with examples why common technical indicators distort market interpretation and offers an alternative way to address this.

Why Back Testing is Better than Forward Testing

Jay Ng - Jay Ng gives advice on how to use backtesting as part of developing a profitable trading strategy

Swing Stops

Brandon Wendell - Brandon Wendell gives straight forward advice on where to place stops when swing trading

Where Traders Go Wrong: 5 Reasons Why Traders Fail

Bennett McDowell - Bennett McDowell discusses 5 reasons why traders may lack success and offers ways in which these can be addressed

Five Characteristics of a Successful Trader

Michael Patak - Michael Patak gives advice on five areas for development to becoming a consistently profitable trader

Why Use Point & Figure Charts?

Stephen Archer - Stephen Archer explains the benefits of using point and figure charting with examples of how this can be used in varying market scenarios

4 Ways To Predict Market Performance

Tristan Yates - Tristan Yates discusses four ways in which investors have attempted to determine future price direction and whether there is supporting evidence that each of them can be used for profitable returns

Is Trading Gambling?

Sam Seiden - Sam Seiden talks through the much discussed issue of whether trading is gambling and why it may be different depending on what type of trader you are.
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