Determining Market Direction With VIX

Dr John Summa - Dr John Summa shows how using the VIX indicator can pre-warn of an impending stock market decline.

Strategies for Trading Fibonacci Retracements

Dan Blystone - Dan Blystone shows how to use Fibonacci ratios as a means to determine trading opportunities.

Price Charts and Time Frames

Sam Seiden - Sam Seiden shows why multiple time frame charts are critical to determine where price is likely to turn.

The Four Week Rule That Boosts Winning Trades

Michael Carr - Michael Carr describes a simple technique that can help increase trading success.

Trading S&P 500 Price Progressions

Alan Farley - Alan Farley discusses an approach to trading the S&P 500.

Volatility is Good for Trading

Jasper Lawler - Jasper Lawler explains why volatility is good for profitable trading.

Using Technical Indicators To Develop Trading Strategies

Jean Folger - Jean Folger explains how indicators can be used as a means to develop trading strategies.

How Market Psychology Drives Technical Indicators

Jason Van Bergen - Jason Van Bergen explains why it is that technical indicators have their root in trader psychology.

Are Moving Averages Slowing Down Your Trading Performance?

Sam Seiden - Sam Seiden explains why moving averages (MA) often hinder rather than enhance trading performance.

Understanding Vortex Indicator Trading Strategies

Alan Farley - Alan Farley explains how to make use of the relatively new Vortex Indicator
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