Life Investments: Lessons from the Laboratory

Lee Bohl - Lee Bohl explains how past experiences and training can influence how we approach trading and advises on key areas to consider to improve profitability

Logic: The Antidote To Emotional Investing

Dr Brian Bloch - Dr Brian Bloch discusses how "emotional contagion" can adversely affect investment and trading decisions and ways in which this can be addressed.

Are You Investing Or Gambling?

Cory Mitchell - Cory Mitchell discusses the age old argument about whether trading is gambling or otherwise

Personal Leadership Develops Personal Mastery

Dr. M. Woodruff Johnson - Dr Woody Johnson discusses how mastery of trading comes initially from taking responsibility for personal leadership

Supply, Demand and the Fed

Sam Seiden - Sam Seiden explains how the concept of Buy low Sell high is often overlooked when using fundamentals in trading and why he thinks it is still a relevant way to trade

What Next for U.K. House Prices?

Jay Lakhani - Jay Lakhani explains why the recent UK housing market price boom may not be sustainable in the longer term.

Why Don't We Keep Stops?

Vadym Graifer - Stops are great things, but only if they are used as part of making good trades.

Will Germany's Bailout Save Europe?

Stephen D. Simpson - Stephen D Simpson analyses the circumstances surrounding the latest Euro bailout and the likely consequences of the decision by Germany to do so

Trading is a Journey in Self-Discovery

Dr. M. Woodruff Johnson - Dr Woody Johnson explains how undesirable trading behaviour is often driven by beliefs held at an unconscius level and what can be done to address this

Lessons from Behavioral Finance

Lee Bohl - Lee Bohl discusses a number of the key concepts from behavioral finance theory and how awareness of them can help in avoiding trading losses
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