Is Trump The Next Reagan? Investors Better Brace Themselves

Keith McCullough - Keith McCullough discusses whether President Trump is likely to make the US markets move in the same way that happened when President Reagan took office.

Presidents, Politics, and the U.S. Stock Market

Lee Bohl - Lee Bohl looks back on the history of how the US Stock Market is affected by the "Election Cycle" and what can be determined from this.

Is The FTSE Due to Double in Value?

Alan Saunders - Alan Saunders walks through the analysis to support, or otherwise, the view that the FTSE100 will double in value within the next 10 years

Risk or Reward - What is the Answer?

Garrett Jones - Garrett Jones talks through the current technical and fundamental elements of the key US Indices and what this means for traders and investors

Stock Market Crash?

Garrett Jones - Garrett Jones talks through the current technical plays in the S&P500 including what he believes is likely to happen and when to expect it.

High Risk for US Markets at the Current Level?

Garrett Jones - Market Cycle and Technical Analyst Garrett Jones discusses why he believes that the US Markets are now at levels presenting significant trading risk

Irrational Exuberance or Cautious Optimism

Garrett Jones - Garrett Jones discusses why he believes we are still in a secular bear market and at a critical point of high risk in a review of the Dow and S&P500 covering both technical and fundamental reasons.

Market Top?

Garrett Jones - Many traders have speculated that the recent rally in the S&P500 and Dow Jones Industrial Average is not sustainable. Garrett Jones explains why he believes that we are now at the top of the market.

Market Overview by Fernando Gonzalez

Fernando Gonzalez - A review of key markets and the impact over the coming weeks of earnings announcements along with, seasonally, the most volatile period of the year leading to interesting technical developments

Getting Acquainted with Stock Index Futures

Carley Garner - Throughout my journey in the markets, I have yet to find a fool proof way to guarantee profitable trading, but what I am certain of is that you owe it to yourself to fully understand the products and markets that you intend to trade before risking a singl
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