How to Invest in Oil for Long-term Investors

Russ Allen - Russ Allen shows how position traders can add oil to their long term asset portfolio.

Oil as a Trap of Rational Interpretations

Sergei Golubitskiy - Sergei Golubitskiy discusses the collapse of oil prices and whether the analysis of this can lead to anything of meaningful value.

Trading The Gold - Silver Ratio

Aryeh Katz - Aryeh Katz shows how trading the price ratio of gold to silver can be profitable as well as the risks involved in doing so.

Does it Still Pay to Invest in Gold?

Emanuel Balarie - Emanuel Balarie talks through why it is still relevant to include gold as part of an investment portfolio

How to Figure Margin for Commodity Spreads

Don Dawson - Don Dawson runs through what you need to know to be able to work out how much margin is needed when trading commodity spreads.

Alternative Investing with Commodities

Don Dawson - Don Dawson discusses how analysis of the Commodity Markets can be used as a screening filter for the selection of suitable stocks to trade as an alternative to traditional trading approaches.

Inter-Commodity Spreads for Futures Traders

Don Dawson - Don Dawson gives an insight into trading of inter - commodity futures using less capital than outright futures positions and how this can reduce risk through hedging

21st Century Commitments of Traders Data

Floyd Upperman - "Commitment of Traders Data" (COT) expert Floyd Upperman discusses the history and use of this powerful tool for Commodities Traders and how the introduction of a new variation of this can give an even clearer view of the overall market.

Gold - Technical Analysis Review

Dr Alexander Elder - Dr Alexander Elder gives a review of the uptrend rally in Gold using multi-timeframe technical analysis and advises on what to look out for in trading this instrument.

Helping push you closer to the 'edge'.

Don Dawson - Ever wonder what makes a winning trader consistent? In my opinion that consistency is due to the trader having his own "edge" over other traders. This "edge" is what each trader must find for himself.
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