A Simple Trading System

Markus Heitkoetter - This article takes one through creating and evaluating a simple index trading system.

Day Trading the Dow Jones

Martin Shoebridge - Chartman's ever popular strategy now has a permanent home in the Knowledge Lab.

Fibonacci Retracements on the Mini Dow

Nick McDonald - If you have ever struggled with understanding Fibonacci, then this article is for you. I am a huge Fibonacci fan and it plays a big part in my trading so the following will explain how I use it to trade successfully.

Market Top?

Garrett Jones - Many traders have speculated that the recent rally in the S&P500 and Dow Jones Industrial Average is not sustainable. Garrett Jones explains why he believes that we are now at the top of the market.

Alternative Strategies For Stock Index Futures

Paul Brittain - Stock indices futures are known for their volatility, however trading index options may be a more manageable alternative.

The Return of The Bear - Part 1

Martin Pring - Are we at the start of the next great bear market? Or is the current downtrend a mere blip in the existing bull market? This is the first of a two part look at the current market trends.

The Canary Correction - Part 2

Matt Blackman - The second and final part of the authors look at the current market correction.

The Canary Correction - Part 1

Matt Blackman - The first of a two part article, taking a look at the current market correction and what may have caused it.

150 Million Shares

Anthony Trongone - Another look at the current market correction, this time using price and volume as indicators for change.

The Impact of Crude Oil Futures on Trading the Dow

Anthony Trongone - Is there a correlation between Crude Oil Futures and the Dow? And can this correlation be quantified? In this article the author looks at these questions in relation to the current market.
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